Tuesday, October 19

Phenomenal Awareness

When I was entering my adolescents, the Vietnam conflict was still going. I thought then that it could continue indefinitely and that whenever I made eighteen my name could get into the lottery and I also may be called up. I dreaded the prospect, however, also then, I really could realize the explanation of conscription and why my father supported it so strongly. Our culture has been built on democratic axioms that enshrined basic human freedoms. Those freedoms were under threat from the godless ideology of Communism (or so we had been told) and so it was correct and appropriate that people stay together to guard our country and defend these freedoms, also if it intended that numerous numbers of our young men should die, probably including me!

Instances have changed. I thank Lord that I did not have to get and fight in Vietnam, and I’m today certainly in opposition to the practice of conscription. That’s because I no longer believe just how our conflicts can be bought to people – as respectable causes. The ‘domino principle’ which was used to warrant the stay in Vietnam proved to be vacuous. We’d no organization being in Vietnam any more than we did in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. I no longer believe forbes

I recall when lockdowns were first announced, I submitted a video on Facebook, expressing the matter and indicating that people should think about where we bring the line. If we accept cultural distancing and stay-at-home instructions, will there be a point where we bring a point? When we’re no longer allowed to grasp our children – is that where we bring the range?

I submitted that in March 2020, and received a sudden call from my bishop, asking me to bring it down. He explained, “nobody is saying that people can’t grasp our children”, as though I’d ventured into the absurd. I took the movie down. Within 2-3 weeks of this telephone call, I observed news footage of a person disembarking his aircraft in Darwin where his small son ran up to grasp him. Father moved straight back along with his hands in the air. Lockdown principles had entered into power while he have been in flight and, indeed, the person was forbidden to grasp his child.

Soon after that my position as a parish priest was terminated – a posture that I’d used for thirty years. At least that intended I really could repost my video. Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to speak easily ever since, however undoubtedly many had thought that by questioning me in a pulpit, I’d be left preaching to avoid.

I have not recognized, and I don’t accept today, that what is operating our government’s reaction to this ‘great pandemic’ is purely a concern for community health. That’s mainly as the data don’t warrant, and have not validated, the degree of totalitarian reaction we have endured.

Yes, people have died. Certainly, a close friend of mine died from COVID 19. He died in Syria and maybe not in Australia, but I don’t reject for an additional that the disease is actual and deadly. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things in this world that may eliminate people, and needless to say, governments should perform some position in trying to guard people, but it’s a subject of balance.

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