Friday, May 14

In case you Obtain a Girl a Drink?

Cheesy lines like this are what made the 80’s movies so charming. Some guy meets a lady, and actually asks her permission to fund her alcohol. If she says yes, that must mean he’s getting somewhere, right?

Actually, it could be helpful, or it might be a really bad idea, depending on what else is going on in the interaction. Here are a few ways to tell if buying her a drink is a good idea or not.

To start, if she outright asks you to purchase her a drink, and you haven’t been talking her that long 外約, this can be a definite exemplory instance of whenever you should NOT buy one. For one thing, it’s pretty rude to ask a stranger to purchase you something. There should be some real comfort building and “getting to know you” before you decide a lady a drink.

It’s worse if she expects you to purchase her sister, her girlfriend, as well as another guy a drink at exactly the same time. If this happens, she’s obviously using you. Smile, look amused and say “I’m fine, thanks.” There’s no reason to justify yourself or explain. You should be relaxed.

However, if you’ve been talking for a bit and it’s YOUR idea to have her a drink, that’s perfectly fine and gentlemanly, so long as it’s not coming from a place of you wanting to impress her. It has to become a generous, friendly gesture, not a needy one.

One situation where buying a drink can actually be helpful, is when you need to go a female from her friends. When you two are talking, suggest you two visit the bar. Once you’ve visited the bar and gotten drinks, say “Let’s take a lap,” and look for a place to sit down. Being from her peer group, and sitting alongside her, makes it easier to charm her without distractions.

Remember to not fall under the trap of buying her drink after drink all night. You may think she’s getting wasted enough to go house with you, but throughout the nightlife scene you’ll meet the lady which will let a man feed them a half dozen glasses of alcohol, and not give him her number at the end.

As long as you utilize wise practice, friendly and sociable to purchase people drinks in bars, whether they’re male or female. The simplest way to tell if you should buy is think about, “If I knew I couldn’t have her, would I nevertheless be buying her a drink?” If the clear answer is yes, you’re in the clear. Here’s to your bar success!

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