Thursday, May 13

Everyday Our own Daily Bread

How far has your anxiety solved any issue for you? Many people keep themselves busy worrying all about tomorrow when God wants us to call home by the day. The day has enough troubles of its own. This post encourages you to trust God for your day and allow tomorrow to bother about a unique things.

Give us daily our daily bread – Luke 11:3 (NKJV).

Therefore don’t worry, saying,’What shall we eat?’ or’What shall we drink?’ or’What shall we wear?’ … For the heavenly Father knows that you’ll require every one of these things… Therefore don’t bother about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bother about a unique things. Sufficient for your day is a unique trouble – Matthew 6:31-34 (NKJV).

Many people are very focused on tomorrow that they do not even enjoy today. When today goes, it is finished forever. God wants you มานาประจําวัน to call home your lifetime one day at a time. When Jesus taught the disciples just how to pray, these were to ask God to offer them daily their daily bread. In Exodus 16, God demonstrated His ability to offer for His people daily. When the folks focused on tomorrow by their action, God wasn’t happy with them. The Lord knows that you have need of what to consume, drink and wear. However, He wants you to focus in your service unto Him and for you really to believe Him to offer your daily needs. He has never failed, He won’t begin with you.

Feed and load yourself with God’s word and understand Him while the Jehovah Jireh, believe Him to manifest His name in your lifetime and supply all your preferences according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Thank the Lord daily for the benefits which He daily loads you with and you will dsicover more of the benefits.

The Almighty isn’t saying that you shouldn’t policy for tomorrow but that you ought not bother about it, let tomorrow bother about itself. You’re to plan your path but permit the Father to direct or determine your steps. Live each day and ask from God daily your daily bread. To sum up, you are to call home by faith daily.

The Father is a lot more than able to meet up your needs. He supplied the Israelites with manna daily for six days in a week for forty years, He never failed once. The sixth day supply was always enough to last for the seventh day. He gave them water in the wilderness out of a rock (Exodus 17). He made the nation that has been in great famine to possess food in excess overnight (2 Kings 7). Jesus fed five thousand men with only five loaves and two fishes (Luke 9:12-17). There are lots of examples in the scriptures that show that God is a lot more than able to offer daily our daily bread, for all things are possible with the Lord if you can believe Him.

To conclude, learn how to trust God to offer your preferences on daily basis. Plan your tomorrow but don’t bother about it. Choose to not worry but to have faith in the Lord and you will dsicover how sweet and better your lifetime will be. Life without worries is the ultimate!

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