Friday, June 25


Vivo S1- the Best and Trendy Smart-phone

Internet, Technology
The Chinese company Vivo is well-known because of the smart and trendy design. Not that, it offers some attributes that are brilliant too. vivo s1 is just another gorgeous smartphone found with the provider. Its design is quite attractive and also a luminous view. This is exactly why it offers an excellent sense to its users. Design: Vivo s 1 includes a sensational design. The other part will be pitch black with a camera along with optical fingerprinting. If we discuss the surfaces of the telephone, they have been slick and smooth. There's a volume button together side an electric switch at the perfect edge of this screen. The left side includes SIM and also micro-sd slots having a button to google helper directly. However, on the downside, there's just a speaker, sound jack and a ch...