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Best Things to do in Chengdu


Top Chengdu Attractions and sightseeing

Chengdu attractions are topped by the Giant Panda Breeding Base where thousands enjoy the opportunity to obtain close to the adorable pandas every year.

The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (or Chengdu Panda Base for short) specializes in baby pandas and their care.It’s one of the most used destinations to see pandas. And it’s a must-go place when you head to Chengdu. The Chengdu park with the longest history and perhaps the a lot of people is People’s Park. While some people may shy from crowded areas, one of many charming facets of People’s Park may be the wide variety of people and activities going on. The Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum is the greatest Teddy bear museum on the planet, collecting precious limited editions of Bears through the entire world. It is a great destination for a family with kids. Wenchuan Earthquake Museum is really a large-scale museum in memory of Wenchuan earthquake on May 12th. All sorts of items about the earthquake, including photos, documents, schoolbags, relics of victims are present in this museum. Luodai Ancient Town can be from on of the attractive places at Chengdu. Qingyang Palace is the greatest and oldest Taoist palace in Chengdu, and is one of the very most famous Taoist palaces in China.

Zigong Dinosaur Museum  is the first museum specific for dinosaur and one of many largest museums of dinosaur relics. The Wide and Narrow Alleys, alongside Daci Monastery and Wenshu Monastery, consist of three famous historical relics in Chengdu. A trip to the alleys, visitors can experience the leisurely and comfortable life in Chengdu with boutique hotels, characteristic local snacks and cuisines, traditional teahouse, distinctive inns and relaxing Spas. The historical and cultural part of the wide and narrow alleys is contains wide alley, narrow alley, jing (well) alley and quadrangle courtyards.

Beside every one of these places there are numerous other areas to see and things to complete are presend for tourist in a vast variaty at Chengdu. Visit Chengdu for  tourist attractions, sightseeing tours, outdoor activities and day trips. Also visit Wiki Travel Chengdu for more information.


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