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Best Places to Visit in Livorno


Best sightseeing at Livorno

On the west coast of central Italy, just south of Pisa, Livorno is one of Tuscany’s economic hubs. It’s noted for its massive, modern seaport and medieval-era fortifications, and as a destination for freshly caught seafood.

Although not just one of the very populous, Livorno is one of the most important cities in Italy and may be the capital of the Province of Livorno. Its main source of economy is its huge port and Livorno indeed has the next largest port in the country. Furthermore, its port plays host to a number of cruise ships that dock and offer their guests a chance to see mainland Italy.

The port of Livorno is a truly impressive and monumental site and it’s among the busiest and most productive ports in Italy. The region surrounding the Fortezza Nuova is lovingly called Nuova Venezia (New Venice), and this is because of the numerous canals that line the streets. There are numerous streets and canals to explore, but this whle area has a wonderful feel and is a truly magical spot to explore.

As Livorno sits on the coast, it stands to reason so it has several aspects of promenade that offer amazing coastal views.The Terrazza Mascagni is one particular place and is a favourite haunt of both locals and tourists.

Located to the south of the key commercial port part of Livorno, the Terrace juts out into the ocean and has a beautiful stone paved walkway that curves for a few 500m. For fantastic sea views and a breath of invigorating sea air, the Via Italia is an ideal spot to walk on a sunny morning. Livorno has several impressive historical squares, but the Piazza della Repubblica is definitely probably the most grand. You’ll find this enormous square on the edge of the Fortezza Nuova canal running parallel to the Via Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Pisa is among the main reasons that folks visit Livorno, and it’s often used as a gateway to hop onto this famous city and then ultimately Florence. Located approximately 6.1km off the west coast of Livorno, Meloria is a series of rocky islands which can be host for some interesting structures. Open to the general public, the fort and its grounds can be explored and the battlements and towers offer fantastic views of the Fortezza Vecchia. Furthermore, there are numerous restaurants, bars and market stalls all surrounded by charming small buildings. Montenero has an escape from the tourists, and the opportunity to see a conventional Italian town in all it splendour.

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