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Al-Zarnūjī’s Concept of Knowledge (‘Ilm)

All scholars, from the four Sunni and the Shiite colleges of thought, agree that if the fourth month of gestation an abortion cannot be done unless it is to truly save the mother’s life. That is correct, in accordance with established jurisprudence17 and contemporary scholarship.18,19 The disagreements are related to the status of the child before 4 months of gestation.

Typically, Shiite scholars did not let abortion before 4 months either. Among contemporary Sunni scholars, there is still disagreement on when an abortion is permissible without cost of tort, and after which it level it is no more permitted, with exceptions as noted earlier. There is a variety of opinions on whether it is a good crime to abort a child before, at the very least, 40 days. The majority of jurists concur that wanton abortion is usually to be discouraged, and that there must be reasonable for an abortion—namely, the mother’s health—actually before 4 months of gestation Tafsir al ahlam.20 The contemporary Shiite Ayatollahs are nearly unanimous inside their rulings on abortion before 4 months of gestation, and that is mentioned in more detail later.
Abortion before 4 months of gestation
Wanton, non‐therapeutic abortion
Modern Shiite jurists consider pregnancy in the first place the implantation of the fertilised embryo in the uterus.21 Ayatollah Khomeini22 stated, “Termination of pregnancy actually at the first possible stage under typical conditions without any purpose isn’t allowed.” Ayatollah Khamene’i23 wrote, “The shari’a doesn’t permit the abortion of a fetus. In the consideration of the professional shari’a, there is no big difference between a child less than or greater than four months gestation pertaining to this matter.” That holds true among all of those other contemporary Shiite scholars.

Non‐therapeutic abortion for non‐medical factors
Typically, the prohibition of abortion one of the Shiite scholars involved non‐medical cultural situations. Like, again, Ayatollah Khomeini24 ruled, “Termination of pregnancy is not allowed for economic factors, even when that sets a family into hardship, or the old age of mother or having many children.” Ayatollah Khamene’i25 has not allowed it once the mother includes a diagnosed mental illness. Nevertheless, as recently, specific cultural factors have been considered. Ayatollah Sane’i,26 who is regarded as progressive, ruled, “Any fetal or maternal condition that provides intense difficulties (‘usr va haraj) for the mother or the family provides for abortion.” This can be a novel ruling and there is no consensus with this matter.

Therapeutic abortion for medical factors relating to the health of the mother
Therapeutic abortion has obtained unique consideration one of the contemporary scholars when it relates to the health of the mother. Again, Ayatollah Khomeini27,28 ruled:

Abortion before 4 months of pregnancy when it contributes to a fatal condition for mother is permitted, and, abortion is permitted before 4 months of pregnancy in cases where the mother has an enhanced illness as such that her living is threatened by the continuation of pregnancy provided a expert medical practitioner confirms it.

Therapeutic abortion for medical factors relating to the health of the child
Some fatal congenital deformities might occur during embryonic development. Modern scholars haven’t generally permitted for an abortion for this reason. Nevertheless, as we’ve noted over, one Ayatollah has permitted it in cases of “intense difficulty&rdquo ;.Like, Ayatollah Makarim‐Shirazi29 stated, “It’s problematic to abort the child (in cases of deformity), specially because you cannot be definitely certain that the deformities aren’t appropriate for life.” Ayatollah Fazel‐Lankarani30 has permitted the child to be aborted before 4 months of progress when it is desperate from the maternal illness. Ayatollah Khamene’i31 initially did not approve of healing abortions based on likelihood of deformity:

The likelihood of keeping a deformed child doesn’t permit it to be aborted. Nevertheless, in case a dependable medical practitioner attests that there surely is a problem that the life of the mother is in peril, the child may be aborted prior to the heart is breathed engrossed (i.e. four months gestation).

He’s, however, permitted the abortion of a deformed child under limited circumstances. A questioner wrote, “Could it be permissible for a female to abort a deformed child when she involves unique guidance in supplying it, particularly awarded that she had the same experience with previous pregnancies?” In reply he wrote, “To the degree essential, this type of treatment, with the husband’s consent, isn’t forbidden, but you need to avoid any impermissible activity that may result from undergoing the abortion.”32
Therapeutic abortion following 4 months of gestation
As we’ve noted, abortion is not allowed following 4 months of gestation unless the mother’s living is in danger. Ayatollah Fazel‐Lankarani33 says,

Aborting a child is not allowed under any conditions following the heart has been breathed in to the child, and before this time around it is not allowed unless the mother’s living is in danger.

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