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Would be the Mommy Makeover Tendency More than worth it?

In 2012, in line with the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, and the tummy tuck were the three hottest procedures. These three procedures all constitute the Mommy Makeover. The mommy makeover has been an increasing trend in plastic surgery news, in accordance with ASAPS statistics, women ages 35-50 received 40% of all of the surgical procedures in 2012 and the majority of the mommy Makeover procedures as a whole: Breast augmentation 40%, tummy tucks 55.8%, and Liposuction 47%. This trend moved viral in result of the recent news articles highlighting mommy makeovers and interviewing the moms and their loved ones post-procedure along with the many celebrities jumping on the band wagon like reality TV star Kim Kardashian. So just why exactly are moms thinking about the “Mommy Makeover”?

Mommy Makeover Trend

While many mothers are choosing diet and exercise after child birth, some are finding that regardless of the full time and energy spent at the gym may help eliminate the sagging excess skin and pockets of fat remaining from weight gained during pregnancy. Some women are perfectly okay with having the sagging skin because it is a note they once had magic happen inside their body. However, some women just want their old slim pre-pregnancy bodies back and the Mommy Makeover is unquestionably one successful way to complete so. Based on, a residential area of members who share their procedure stories and real doctors who answer questions, the mommy makeover includes a 98% “Worth-it Rating. The “worth-it rating” meant that those people who have had a mommy makeover an average of say that the task was 98% worth-it to do. Mother of two, Angela Aguirre, had exactly the same idea. Angela began working out and exercising regularly to attain just as much success with her body as she could, she managed to reduce 30 pounds. Angela worked extremely hard to reduce those 30 pounds nevertheless when she looked in the mirror, all she saw was loose skin and her “stomach didn’t look any different “.Angela’s results were not precisely what she expected, she says “there was loose skin, and it sort of had a circular, potbelly appearance to it. I’d been working out very hard for a year and three months and thought,’Surely right now it could be tighter'”.Except they weren’t and she could not figure out what was going on. Her alternative was to see her family doctor to find out what was going on, he said after she her two C-sections, her stomach muscles became separated and that there was nothing she could do to fix that apart from having a tummy tuck.

Risk and Complications

Along with self-esteem and confidence, it would appear that the trend in mommy makeovers are soaring as a result of problems like Angela has experienced with her two c-sections. Aguirre believed it was a matter of personal preference and that she noticed her self-esteem has gotten better “.A large question that came to Aguirre was if the mommy makeover was worth the risks that can come from a major surgery. Not just was Angela receiving one major surgery, she was having two major surgeries while some women opt in for three, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or breast lift and liposuction. However, since the mommy makeover is an “all-in-one” package, these surgeries are typical performed at one time, somewhat reducing the risks instead of getting three separate surgeries. Annelik Esteti─či Risks from the mommy makeover can encompass many risks and complications similar to any surgical procedure. The task can take from four to eight hours to accomplish, depending on the type of procedures included. Your surgeon will conduct an in depth review of one’s medical history and if someone has certain risk factors, the surgeon will proceed accordingly. Risks such as for example bleeding, infection, incision scarring, abnormalities, and even depressions from unrealistic expectations are just a few examples. Unrealistic expectations, however, could be avoided if the surgeon ensures the patient is stable mentally and physically.

For Angela Aguirre these risks were worth every penny stating “the way I view it, it was six weeks out of our lives. Now I could be happy for the others of my life. It’s a good trade-off.” Angela was very lucky to have the ability to look for a cosmetic surgeon that has been great for her. As a result of such risks of complications from having major surgery, it was very important for Aguirre to decide on a board certified surgeon with years of training, education, and experience. The listing of risks and complications from the mommy makeover are minor when it comes to allowing any surgeon or “surgeon” to do in your body. These risks can very quickly jump from bleeding and infections to possible death. This is the reason the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery always advises consumers to complete their research and consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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