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The idea behind the best kinds of floors was to create an interesting design for the space that values the effects of shadow and light,” says Maxim Kashin, who founded his own architectural firm in 2013, about a recently completed renovation of an apartment in Moscow. He said that it needed to be functional for a young couple, which was difficult given the L-shaped dining and living spaces.

Maxim was inspired initially by the futuristic white style of Santiago Calatrava. He used sculptures to offset the rectilinear layout of his original.

The curving walls of the best kinds of floors between areas and also act as open shelving, “creating interesting visual accents of shadow and light,” says Maxim. Our favorite, most-loved-with-it-element? It’s definitely the striking, massive version of terrazzo, a traditional material that was applied to the floors and kitchen backsplash.

King's Flooring: Rochester & Byron, MN: Hardwood Installation, Vinyl & Ceramic Tile

The flooring and backsplash are constructed by using what Maxim calls a “breccia technique made of marble pieces”–a material with the visual appeal of the traditional, trendy terrazzo and the strength of naturally occurring breccia (a kind of rock in which broken pieces are joined to each other), and the handicraft of hand-laid flagstone pavers.

Terrazzo is generally made from small pieces of quartz, marble, or another stone. Maxim decided to be bold and make use of larger pieces of a lighter-colored marble with gray veining, and hints of red to make a smooth, level surface. Maxim says that the abstract pattern it creates is like landscapes but with a futuristic twist. It is the central feature of the room’s minimalist and neutral tones. Maxim says that the flooring was the most difficult part of the work, but he also notes that it’s eco-friendly in the reuse of the existing materials as well as robust, which is crucial for a heavily used space for a busy family. To create the floor and the backsplash every marble piece was laid out so that it was a proper distance from adjacent pieces but still taking into consideration the layout and the undulating curves of the sofas which are typically surrounded by a soft and cloth-covered space.

What is it that makes terrazzo so appealing? The first thing is that we love how visually arresting the breccia technique is:

The variety of this material is another thing we like about. It is a great choice for flooring or backsplash as well, from both a style perspective and a practical one as well as employed in various settings such as an outdoor bathroom or patio. We also appreciate the eco-friendly design of this material that combines aesthetics with recycled material.

The floor was stained and smoked to give it the appearance of a warm grey, muted color, and vibrant color variations.

Maple Bruma was chosen to be the floor for the bedroom. It’s a single-strip gray flooring with smooth hand-scraping that gives a vintage look. Bruma is a rustic floor with cracks knots, fillings, and knots.

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