Tuesday, October 19

Vivo Y72 – A Review of the Very Best Mediatek Phone

The Vivo Y72 is a high end Android smartphone, which offers users multiple useful features for a perfect mobile experience. If you are looking to buy a smartphone of repute, then go for the Vivo Y72. It comes with a stunningly beautiful design and is loaded with high-end features that make it one of the most desired smartphones available in the market. Its sleek metallic finish, 3.2 inch screen sizes and smooth performance make it the perfect smartphone for those who are looking for an amazing multimedia experience. The Vivo Y72 is available for downloading on the Google Play Store, and it is also available for sale online.

Vivo Y72 Camera Review: Buy Vivo Y 72 The compact body of the phone along with a powerful camera is one of its main selling points. This smartphone has a neat, slim design and an almost mirror like appearance to it. The company has priced it reasonably, yet at the same time has made sure that its multiple functionalities are not compromised in favor of aesthetics. The phone comes in both slate grey and prism grey color options, and is priced from Rs 14,000 (RWDZA) for the basic variant of the smartphone with a main camera and a memory card, and from Rs 22,500 (RWDVA) for the professional variant with a 2 mega pixel camera and large memory card.

In terms of looks, the Vivo Y72 comes in two distinct designs. The first one has a simple unicolored white color, and the second one has two distinct colors in it namely black and grey which complement each other beautifully. There is also a microSD slot which can be used to add additional memory to the smartphone. One of the main highlights of this smartphone is its excellent camera, which have got good picture quality and clarity, but this feature is only useful if you get in a position to use the camera for good purposes.

The Vivo Y72 comes with an excellent facial recognition technology, and this is one of the main reasons behind the high success of this smartphone. With the vivo y72 android 11 update, the facial recognition facility was further enhanced, and now this amazing facility works with almost all the cameras made by the company in the future. The Vivo Y 72 also comes with a self-timer which enables users to instantly take a snapshot of the moment that they are facing at that particular point in time.

The other highlight of this handset is its ability to act as a mediator between your ears and your brain. Due to the powerful SoC, the Vivo Y 72 allows you to listen to audio files and even watch video files which can be played via Bluetooth or wifi. The dual headphone jack also enables you to listen to music or talk on your phone through these headphones. However, due to lack of RAM, it does not have the ability to play media files directly.

The good thing about the Vivo Y 72 is that despite of it being a mid-budget smartphone, it still manages to come up with decent features which are useful for a common man. There are four variants of the handset, which include the vivid colors, metallic body, capacitive full QWERTY keyboard and a nice memory. The price range of the handset is starting from around 250 Yuan, which puts it in a good position when compared to other similar mid-budget smartphones like the LG phones and HTC Desire phones. It is available in different color combinations including blue, red, green and orange.

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