Wednesday, September 22

Speer Labs, Designers of EMUAID, Recently Released EMUAIDMAX in 7,000 Walgreens Stores Nationwide

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., August 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Walgreens, who has made important strides lately to improve solution combine with organic solutions, is once again major the dealer group with the release of EMUAIDMAX First Aid Ointment. On shelves now in around 7000 Walgreens shops in the United States, EMUAIDMAX is a modern medication cabinet must-have. Filled with expertly produced bio-active therapeutic substances, that natural cream instantly calms inflammation, removes infection, and decreases scratching, irritation, redness and swelling for more than 100 difficult and resilient epidermis conditions. As an antibacterial and antifungal salve, EMUAIDMAX hits out some of the worst bacterial and fungal infections. As an anti-inflammatory and anti-itch cream, it calms even the worst dry, damaged and scratchy skin.

Speer Laboratories, manufacturers of EMUAIDMAX, and Walgreens have partnered to bring this external question lotion to racks over the country. EMUAIDMAX, the major item in the EMUAID Family of Products and services, is trailblazing a fresh breed of multipurpose products and services in the first assistance category. Today’s customers are becoming more and more dedicated to holistic and natural therapy techniques to health. “Our vision has long been to develop and offer the utmost effective, organic products and services to treat pervasive, however underserved conditions. ┬áPartnering with Walgreens offers people the opportunity to fairly share the therapeutic energy of EMUAID with a bigger demographic and allows our customers higher ease and flexibility to purchase emuaid from a trusted store,” claimed Amy Nicolo, President and Key Functioning Specialist, Speer Laboratories.

One container of EMUAIDMAX handles multiple skin afflictions consolidating a fast growing condition-specific medical type in to one manufacturer offering. The flexibility and multifunctionality of EMUAIDMAX has created this topical homeopathic medicine a cult-phenomenon for years online. Americans have trusted Walgreens to curate the best health items because 1901, and with the release of EMUAIDMAX in around 7000 Walgreens stores, they’re delivering on that promise into the newest decade.

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