Thursday, September 23

Rick Gaffigan’s partner claims mind tumor experience strengthened her faith in Lord

To distinguished comedian jim gaffigan wife mind tumor is certainly no laughing matter.

But after his partner Jeannie successfully underwent a nine-hour surgery last month, which fully removed the tumor covered around her mind stem, Rick may now afford to smile.

Just weeks after her surgery, Jeannie, 47, told PEOPLE that the entire medical experience she underwent was “a miracle.”

“There’s only likely to be so significantly ahead from this for me,” the comedy author said.

Jeannie claimed the ability has taken her nearer to her Religious faith, going out that she has absolutely undoubtedly that “supernatural powers” guided her and her household through the ordeal.

“Every thing has fully strengthened my faith in Lord, since I told Lord, I claimed, ‘Lord, I’michael maybe not willing to go. I’ve work to do. Please support me,'” she said.

Jeannie also claimed that they have been overwhelmed by a “complete outpouring of enjoy and spirituality.”

Her husband Rick also calls his wife’s therapeutic a “miracle” and praises her for persevering through it all.

“Jeannie went through so many techniques,” he told PEOPLE. “Like, she got an X-ray 3 x a day that — you’d take a day faraway from work in the event that you got, like, certainly one of these.”

The Gaffigans have freely shared their faith before, with Rick discussing the Religious topic of “The Rick Gaffigan Show” with The Washington Post in May 2015.

The Post customer noted that the display was “developed across the balancing act of the nutritious, churchgoing, no-swearing, no-artificial-birth-control-using family” who “aren’t painted as oddballs, but cool Manhattanites residing in a cool loft and hanging out with people like Bob Rock.”

The customer asked the Gaffigans why they chose a Religious topic for their show.

“We performed down the thought of being outed as Religious, that being Religious in leisure is like being gay in the ’50s. It really variations on my concern encompassing being called a Religious,” Rick replied.

On her behalf part, Jeannie claimed they only needed to show how they live their faith. “You can be Catholic and your best friend could be gay, you reside in this world where that’s reality. You can hold your old-fashioned faith nevertheless, you don’t need to be categorized in to some field,” she said.


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