Tuesday, October 19

Is Frontier Airlines a Pandemic Profiteer?

Last fall my small brother, who has been battling cancer was hurried to a healthcare facility by ambulance. His sitter called the family to tell us he’d only some times to live. My 83-year-old mother had been supporting help him all through his illness was not able to happen to see him. My other brother also had health concerns and could not produce the trip. I’m 63 and was set down a few years ago. Obtaining high spending work when you are over 60 is difficult. I travel Uber to produce ends meet so my budget is very limited. He’s my cousin so I created an urgent situation trip to Ohio to see him one last time and represent the family. He lingered for a while and died on Nov 10, 2020.

My sister-in-law called in January. She needed to own a party for my Mother who’d be turning 84 on Might 1. Although I hadn’t paid for my trip to see my cousin, I decided to fly back once again to Ohio for her party. At 83, we don’t understand how much longer she’ll be with us. Living is very uncertain during a pandemic and she’s really high-risk group. The collecting will give us a chance to observe her living and grieve my brother. Business

I buy a solution on Frontier Airlines on January 11, 2020.

I had anticipated to just remain 1 time for the party but had to book 3 times to have the less costly ticket. I wouldn’t be able to travel for Uber on these days. I would take a big strike on my income that week. My income reduction along with the expense of the trip could be over $1000, but the household is important. It could be good to see them again.

Studies started arriving from China regarding the Coronavirus. They’d locked down 500 million persons, more than the entire populace of the United States. On January 31, President Trump blocked travel from China. The news headlines got steadily worse and I started worrying about traveling in a plane with a highly communicable infection ravaging the country.

On January 27, Frontier informed me that they were rescheduling my original booking presumably simply because they didn’t have enough guests to help make the flight. They desired to reschedule my flights. I called to tell them I didn’t want to help make the change. I needed to attend and see if I could schedule a shorter trip so I wouldn’t eliminate 3 times of work. Frontier claimed they’d problem a voucher beneficial to 90 times so I could reschedule later.

The very first US person died of Corona Virus on January 29. The contamination was distributing rapidly. I thought it could be sensible to attend to reschedule. On March 17, the Colorado Governor declared a stay-at-home order. Different claims around the world rapidly declared their own remain in the home orders. Frontier ultimately stopped soaring entirely through April. I could not reschedule my flight even though I needed to.

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